Blind Piano Virtuoso

This blind Japanese piano player is amazing. In this video he plays “La Campanella”. It shows what people can achieve in spite of a handicap.



Muscle control is important

I haven’t succeeded in embedding the video (I guess I’m a technical idiot) but here’s the link:

I presume that the girl who drops the ball first, loses.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Japanese people 🙂

Alter Ego

My alter ego

The 9/11 Hoax

How long time will it take the general public in USA to realize or admit that the collapse of the three tower buildings on Ground Zero was staged by the Secret Service? So far only a few hundred Americans, among them architects, constructors and explosive experts have challenged the official version of the authorities. And they never appear on national TV, only on YouTube. Meanwhile all the brainwashed politicians and talk show hosts propagate the lies and deceptions. Because they know that if they start telling the truth, they’ll be kicked out.

Outside the U.S. almost everybody, apart from conservative politicians,  knows that the planes didn’t cause the collapse. Even Osama bin Laden knows that the Secret Service placed explosives in all three buildings. But I’ve met one Icelandic architect who believes the hoax.


A New Beginning